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Joseph Wytrzes(ジョー先生)
Dartmouth College卒業
Hi, I'm Joe from Boston. I enjoy cooking, reading, and games. I first came to Tokyo five years ago to study Japanese at Keio. For two years I taught English to kids as an ALT. I think that discovering other cultures is fascinating and that learning a new language can open up new and exciting possibilities. In my experience, everyone has there own style of learning that works best for them. I hope to see you in class where we can find out together what works best for you!
Christine Megumi Beck(クリスティ-ン先生)
Hello! I’m Christine Megumi Beck. I’m both American and Japanese.
I was born in Yokohama, Japan and moved to Oregon when I was 3. I have lived in Oregon (U.S.A.) for 12 years. I came back to Japan and graduated high school and college. I have taught English from kids to adults for about 6 years. I have many hobbies.
Let’s have fun learning English! I can’t wait to meet you all!!
Hello everyone, I'm Diane from the Philippines. I handled lessons ranging from beginner up to advance level and also have experience in teaching TOEIC and TOEFL lessons. I like teaching English to Japanese people because they were known to be very passionate and dedicated in anything that they do.
One of my motivation of coming and studying in Japan(Tokyo University)is to experience the unique Japanese culture and tradition. I really love Japan so much! Let's study and enjoy English together in my class.
University of Adelaide卒業
Hi, my name Mossane. I have quite an international background, as I’m from both France and Senegal and grew up across 4 continents. Right now I’m making the most of my Japanese experience whilst studying at Waseda University. When I’m not going around new places, I like to read and appreciate all sorts of art, particularly music.
I love finding new ways to teach and exploring different subjects, and can adapt to different styles quite easily. Let me know what you enjoy and what your goals are, and we’ll do our best to reach them together! Hope to see you in class soon!
Chris Mollison
Royal Melbourne Institute Technology
I love Japan and Japanese people. In Sydney I taught English to Japanese for 9 years. I have taught many kinds of students. Many business man and women, doctors, nurses, government workers, people in marketing and advertising.
Activities I enjoy are photography, table tennis, visiting galleries, looking at art and design, traveling and hiking.
I am also deeply interested in Japanese people and their language, food and culture.
I am a very fun, calm and patient teacher. I like to help students speak 'natural conversational English' compared to just learning 'text book' English. I correct pronunciation a lot and help students to improve their pronunciation quickly. I love meeting new students and like to take an interest in my students' work and personality.
Tae-Eun, Kim(ミッシェル K)
Graduate School of the University of South Florida
Hi Guys. I am Tae-Eun Kim from Seoul, Korea. I love taking pictures, reading and taking a walk. I studied, taught college students, and worked in Florida. Visiting Tokyo many times, I got interested in Japanese culture. Now, I am living in Tokyo and learning lots of things of Japan such as people, food, and language, etc. With learning a new language, I am quite sure that a whole new world will open up to you. Let’s find out the world together! I can’t wait to meet you in class and have fun.
Seizo Miller(セイゾウ先生)
Graduate school of Chiba University卒業
Hi everybody, my name is Seizo. I was born in Hawaii and raised in Japan. I love watching sports, like soccer, basketball, and baseball. I try to make my classes interactive so you can speak a lot and enjoy English! I also can use Japanese to explain words or grammars, if you want to understand more about them. I hope I can see you soon, and enjoy learning English together!
Young-suk, Kyong(ヨン先生)
Waseda University graduate school卒業(Ph.D.)
Hello! I'm Young-suk from S. Korea. I have experience working in a trading company, overseas sales divisions, and teaching Theatre and Media at Waseda University. Currently I teach Intercultural Understanding and English at Toda Chuo Nursing School. I like watching movies, going to the theatre, and reading books. I think learning foreign languages can broaden horizons and connect people from different cultural backgrounds. I hope you enjoy and have fun learning English!
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